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Submit a guest post - health niche blog

At Wellness Rediscover, we are happy to work with Health & Wellness Bloggers and Healthcare Professionals/Organizations from all around the globe. You can choose any of the above categories to submit your guest post(s). Your post(s) must be relevant to any of the above categories and must be meant to increase the knowledge of our readers.

Who can Write Guest Posts for Wellness Rediscover?

This opportunity is for those who are finding ways to get exposure to the Health & Wellness sector or want to indirectly promote themselves or their health-care/medical organization.

What Linking Strategy We Will Accept (and Won’t Accept)?

It’s completely okay if your goal is to create backlinks for SEO purposes by publishing guest posts here, but the quality of your post should not be compromised in any way. In order to get your guest post approved by our editors, you need to follow the below-mentioned linking strategies:

  1. We will accept a maximum of three links which should be anchor-texted with relevant texts/keywords only.
  2. Out of the 3 links, you can include 2 links of your website (though the website’s domain may be the same, the two URLs should be different), and one link should be an internal link from any previous post published on Wellness Rediscover.
  3. The linked website (your website) must be relevant to the topic of your article. Do not write about “The best medicines for Cough and Cold for Adults” and link your website selling toys for kids.

Guidelines for Writing for Wellness Rediscover

  1. Minimum 400 words (and not more than 2500 words)
  2. Your topic must be relevant to this website and must fit under any one of the categories.
  3. Your content should be 100% unique (Copyscape passed). We will check the content for plagiarism and will immediately disapprove the post with duplicate content.
  4. Ignore the use of passive voice as much as possible.
  5. Try not to make a long sentence of more than 20 words.
  6. Your post must be divided into short paragraphs with relevant sub-headings, and each sub-heading shouldn’t contain more than 150 words.
  7. Your post will be served to a general audience to read, so a simple language, easy vocabulary, and perfect grammar are required in your content.
  8. If you are including images in your post, please include sources (the link to the images), as we will not accept a copyrighted image.
  9. While sending your post for approval, do not forget to include the category you are writing for.

What Benefits You will get by having Your Post Published on Wellness rediscover?

  • We will give you direct credit by publishing your name in the author area.
  • We will also provide you the opportunity to add an author bio (a short description about yourself in 60-80 words) along with your personal social media profiles (only Facebook & Twitter profile URLs) at the bottom of your post.
  • We will share your posts on social media from our fan pages. We will also retweet/reshare any posts you make on social media. You can send us the links in Facebook messenger and we will do it.

How to Reach Us?

To submit a guest post, please send an email to [email protected] with the following details:

(a) Write “Guest Post” in the subject of the email.

(b) Mention the following in the body of the email:

  • The title of your article – in the first line.
  • The main category from our site which is related to your article – in the second line.
  • Your author bio (60-80 words maximum) – in the third line.
  • Your personal Facebook and Twitter profile links (must be your own profiles and not a business page of your brand – in the fourth line.

(c) Attach a word document containing the article in the email.

(d) However, this is not compulsory, but if you want, then attach your photo (must be a close-up photo with clear face)

Take inspiration for your email format from the below-shown screenshot:

email format for submitting guest post

You are also required to like our Facebook page and send us a message on  Facebook with the text ‘Hello, I have submitted a guest post. We will get back to you ASAP. We will contact you shortly (generally within 5 working days) via email/Facebook messenger to update you with the status of your post.

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