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The awareness about fitness is increasing these days with advancements in technology. There are ample gadgets available on the market to help us to monitor our fitness. The swimming heart rate monitor is one such gadget that is widely used. We all understand that swimming is one of the best exercises to be fit. You would have heard the coaches saying to swim hard and follow the sets like 50%, 60%, and more.

best swimming heart rate monitors reviewed

The fitness freaks know that swimming is quite a tough workout as compared to other workouts. Therefore; it is essential to track the heart rate while swimming to keep watch on the cardiac efforts. Nowadays the waterproof heart rate monitors are designed for the swimmers who want to track their efforts. These monitors work under several meters of water.

Basically, these are the older methods of monitoring the efforts that we are putting while swimming. It is directly related to the heart rate measurement. There are several types of swimming heart rate monitors available in the market to keep track of your activity. There are different types of monitors that are designed to be used in a different manner. Like you may use the wrist-based monitor or the chest strap based monitor as per your choice.

Advantages of swimming heart rate monitor

There are several advantages of a swimming heart rate monitor that makes it a useful gadget for swimmers. The first and foremost advantage of these monitors is that you can use them underwater. These are waterproof and have water resistance up to several meters in water. Another advantage of these monitors is that it allows you to track your heart beats in real-time.

It helps the fitness lovers to track their heart rate while swimming. This is useful to keep the workout session within the limit and avoid any extra workload on the heart. Along with this; several monitors come with additional support and features that provide several other data. The biggest advantage is that these help you to keep the swimming sessions within the control and help you in a proper workout.

How swimming heart rate monitor works?

These monitors are functioning alike the other gadgets that are used in general conditions. The only fact that differentiates these monitors from the others is that these are waterproof. The functionality of these heart rate monitors is quite similar to the other monitors. These gadgets calculate the heart rate, but read the pulse rate and blood pressure.

These heart rate monitors collect the impulse from the sensors that track the body activity. The data recorded on these devices are synced with the applications that are designed to calculate the heart rate and other parameters. Some monitors also calculate the data like swimming speed, distance, time, and efforts alike the other swimming trackers.

How to find a suitable swimming heart rate monitor for you?

It is quite important to choose the correct monitor for you. There are several points that must be considered for selecting the right monitor for you. First of all, you must decide on the need. Apart you have to select the budget as well as the conditions of swimming. For example, if you love to swim in open water then you must choose the monitor that has a large pressure range. This helps in keeping the gadget safe while you are diving hard.

In the same manner, you shall choose the monitor that falls in your budget range. Apart you must decide on the other factors like waterproof rating and others for choosing the right monitor. These monitors can be worn on the ear, wrist, or on the head under a swimming cap. Some come with a chest strap while others are not having such a strap. You may select the monitor as per your choice from these categories.

Top 4 choices of Swimming Heart Rate Monitors Reviewed

We have researched and listed some of the best heart rate monitors available:

1. Wahoo TICKR Heart Rate Monitor, Bluetooth/ANT+

It is considered as the best in class swimming heart rate monitors that have water resistance up to five feet underwater. It is a chest strap heart monitor that runs on 2.4 GHz radio waves to record the heart rate underwater. This device is compatible with apple watch and has dual-band technology with 4.0 Bluetooth support. So it can be used with other devices too.

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Wahoo TICKR Heart Rate Monitor

2. SUUNTO Smart Sensor – AW16

This 40g lightweight monitor offers waterproofing up to 100 feet. This makes it the best in class. You may also use it without a strap with the movesense compatible apparel. Apart it provides a replaceable battery, easy to use the strap, and excellent technical support. It is Bluetooth smart and provides compatibility with android and iOS Suunto Movescount app. This gives you accurate data about heart rate and other parameters. Along with this, it is available in three different sizes as per the length of the strap.

SUUNTO Smart Sensor Swimming Heart Rate Monitor

3. Garmin HRM-Swim

Garmin HRM Swim is one among the top four in swimming heart rate monitors. It is having the waterproofing rating of 5ATM that allows it to resist up to 50m underwater. This is designed to collect the heart rate data underwater and send it to the compatible wristwatch.

You may either go for the company’s own product or any other compatible watch. It keeps the data of swim interval heart rate within the range of ANT+, 2.4 GHz wireless communication protocol when you pair it with other compatible devices. You may choose the strap length between 23 inches and 57 inches along with the non-rechargeable battery with 17 months battery life.

Garmin HRM- Swim Heart Rate Monitor

4. MIO ALPHA 2 Heart Rate Watch + Activity Tracker

The Mio Alpha 2 heart rate monitor has an underwater resistance of 3 ATM or 100ft. This device offers you a customizable display that allows you to configure the heart rate. It helps in making continuous practice. The monitor comes with the LED heart rate zone indicator that suggests increasing the rate. This is a unique feature that you may not find in other devices. It is compatible with the Mio PAI app; an Android and IOS app. This app provides support for recording relevant data.

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Mio ALPHA 2 Heart Rate Watch + Activity Tracker

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