Newborn Baby Care: Some Health Care Tips

Having a newborn baby is the most beautiful experience of any parents’ life. A mother waits for 9 months to see the new life that took shape in her womb, which is made of her own blood and flesh. She and her beau share a lot of dreams, hope, and planning for that little bundle of joy. It is said that giving birth to a baby is the second birth of a mother. So, the newborn baby that you bring in your world with so much love and care obviously needs health precautions as you can’t afford a single drop of tears out of pain from your tiny winy baby.

Newborn baby care tips

Here are some useful baby care tips that may help you to keep your newborn healthy:

1. Hygiene

Always take care of the hygienic environment. The newly born babies are having very low immunity power so they are much likely positive for any contagious infection.

  • Never ever allow anyone to touch your baby without using disinfectants.
  • Never allow shoes and slippers outside your baby’s room as they can be the carrier of the virus.

2. Handle with Care

It is a no-brainer that all newborns are physically very weak, so they are to be treated carefully. There is always the right posture to lift the baby, wrap him/her in clothes, and move properly with them, even the right posture to feed. Always maintain that posture with your cute one.

3. Feeding

Feeding is one of the most complicated things for any new mother as she doesn’t know how to feed. A mother not only needs to maintain her posture but she also needs to take care of some facts like:

  • Always feed in a sitting position and not lying flat on the bed.
  • Do not forget that the first yellow milk of the mother enhances the immunity of the baby. So, it is essential to offer first breast milk just after 2 to 3 hours of the baby was born or as per the doctor’s advice.
  • Use both breasts one by one and help your baby to suck milk.
  • Make sure to make your baby burp after feeding to prevent him/her from gas problems that further lead to stomach pain.
  • Always maintain the cleaning of yourself before and after breastfeeding.
  • If the baby is having formula milk instead of breastfeeding, be sure that the utensils are clean, properly boiled, and completely out of germs. Then only give the milk to your baby.

4. Vaccination and Medicines

Vaccination and Medicines

Never compromise with the needed vaccination. Though injections are sometimes very painful, a missing vaccination can be fatal for your baby. It is wise to follow your pediatrician advice always.

Wrap Up

Baby’s health tips just not end here as every second you need to be careful with your newborn. No matter whatever you are doing, you must be attentive to your baby. Whether you are bathing the baby or letting the baby sleep, or even during nature’s call, a little carelessness can cause big harm. Asking your parents, doctors, and other experienced mothers, never hesitating to learn, and always acting responsibly are some mantras to maintain the health of your newborn.

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    I am a first time mother of a 7 months old baby. My baby sleeps for long time and I feel worried about this. I just want to know is it normal for a newborn to sleep for 5 hours straight?

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