The Surprising Truth About Cavities in Kids

Cavities are the only word that fears children before eating lots of chocolates. Every kid is afraid of hearing the word “Cavities” at Dentist’s place. With changing the eating habits and availability of so many fast foods in the market, cavities in kids have become very common nowadays. In fact, Cavity and Tooth decay are very common health problems particularly common in teenagers and kids. As a matter of fact, anyone can have this problem who has teeth taking account of infants too.

What is a Cavity?

Cavities in Kids

First happens tooth decay which later grows into the Cavity. Cavities are the everlasting tiny holes in the teeth which can give a sensation of pain if not treated in time. Cavities are also known as dental caries.

Why Cavities in Kids Occur?

We all know that kids are very foodie, but the continuous care of teeth is also a must. There are combinations of factors for tooth decay. It can be bacteria present in our mouth, drinking sugary drinks, frequently fast food eating, and the most important not cleaning our teeth properly.

What are the Symptoms of Tooth Decay in Kids?

Symptoms of Tooth decay in kids depend on the extent of damage to the tooth and its location. But cavities in kids can be detected by symptoms like a severe toothache, early age tooth loss, infection in the mouth, sudden pain when eating sweets, hot or cold food items, etc. Other symptoms include visible holes in children’s teeth, harsh ache when trying to bite something, and black-brown stains on teeth.

If it is noticed at the early stages, Cavities in Babies can be controlled by timely treatment and proper consultation with a doctor.

How Tooth Decay Occurs?

Tooth Decay in Kids

We all have bacteria in our mouth and we don’t realize when a cavity formation has started. When people consume sweet food items and drinks but don’t clean their teeth properly, then bacteria starts attacking the outer surface of the teeth known as enamel and form a sticky layer. Bacteria can easily hide under this dark sticky layer and slowly make holes in teeth. When these holes are deep enough to reach your nerve ending, then you feel hurt. OUCH!

How to Prevent Cavities in Kids?

We cannot stop children from taking in fast food and distance them from chocolates, but we can certainly take care of the cavity formations in kids.

Just follow these instructions to make sure cavities are not going to affect your child:

  • Make sure that your child is not taking sweet food continuously. Ask him /her to take frequent time gaps in between.
  • Make sure that your child brushes twice a day, because if any leftover food in the mouth is not cleaned then bacteria may act upon it in the night.
  • Have regular dentist visit even if you don’t have a toothache, so that cavity formation can be detected in its early stage and can be removed as soon as possible.

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  1. Rani Choudhari says:

    Hi, my son who just turned one also just got diagnosed with cavities on his upper teeth. Dentist said it was caused by his undiagnosed lip tie & night time breastfeeding. Can you recommend anything that I can do at home to help besides brushing & changing his diet?

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