Side Effects of Sleeping Pills You Must Know

Rohit Kishore

Rohit is an Engineering Graduate working full-time as an Internet Marketing Consultant for his own small IT firm. While working as a digital marketing professional, he got opportunities to polish his content writing skills and blogging became his passion. His habit of reading articles on health & wellness niche along with his passion to write blogs gave birth to Wellness Rediscover.

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7 Responses

  1. Maple G. says:

    Though I am taking sleeping pills to treat anxiety, I am taking it every night. IS it bad for my health?

  2. China Jais says:

    You are right. I also agree that Sleeping pills will always have side effects

  3. Raman Shrivastav says:

    Taking sleeping pills for better sleep is not a good idea. Those people who didnot sleep after closing their eyes for long time they think sleeping pills are the best option to get that sleep instantly. But it’s bad for health.

  4. Health Freak Robbin says:

    I was regularly taking sleeping pills a few years ago. I started facing many health problems, and then I started reading about the side effects of these sleeping pills. I am thankful to you for this wonderful post. I will definitely share this with my friends.

  5. Red Pitter the Foodie says:

    Sleep is the best way to take rest from all day tiredness. But to get a better sleep, many of us are taking Sleeping pills without any doctor consultancy which is bad. Taking sleeping pills are hazardous for health and their are various side effects of sleeping pills that many of us do not know.

  6. Tommy the Healthy one says:

    Today life is so fast that no one has patience to wait for anything. Everyone want’s to get anything instantly. Due to this habit most of us use Sleeping pills to get instant sleep. But no one knows the side effects of sleeping pills which is hazardous.

  7. Jack Roner says:

    I am the one who always takes sleeping pills to get better sleep but i have never feeled any such side effects you have mentioned here. I have faced some of the points like gas, weakness, constipation. How can i believe that i am facing these problems due to taking sleeping pills?

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