Depression Awareness: Signs, Causes, Types, and Treatments

In this fast-paced scenario, everyone is busy in their lives. The rat race after the money has made people selfish. People are forgetting their relations and their roles towards their relatives, friends, and society. The younger generation is paying no heed to their parents. Grandparents are being sent to old age homes. All this has led to the birth of depression. But what is the meaning of depression? Depression is a condition of low mood that disturbs a person’s thoughts, performance, feelings, and sense of happiness.

In this post, you will read about different types of depression, signs, and symptoms of depression, causes of depression and some important tips to get rid of depression.

Depression Causes and symptoms

Different Types of Depression

Depressions are of different kinds. Given below are a few types of depression:

  • Melancholia: In this type of depression, the person is observed to move slowly and lose pleasure in everything.
  • Psychotic Depression: Psychotic depression leads people to lose touch with reality. The symptoms of psychotic depression include hallucinations (hearing and seeing things not present) or delusions and sometimes paranoid.
  • Postnatal Depression: Pregnant women generally face such depression up to one year after the birth of a baby because of the change in hormones of the body.
  • Bipolar Disorder: Its symptoms are the opposite of usual depression-like having lots of energy, talking very speedily, and feeling very frustrated.

Signs and Symptoms of Depression

Below are some signs and symptoms of depression that are generally seen in unhappy people.

  • Unhappy people lose interest in activities which they once used to like.
  • They undergo overeating.
  • Such people lose concentration from work.
  • They attempt suicide.
  • They have sleepless nights.
  • Such people face problems in remembering.

Causes of Depression

Some common questions that people want answers to are:

Why do some people get depressed?

Is it natural or someone is responsible for depression?

Well, to answer these questions, I have listed below some usual causes of depression. Causes of depression differ from person to person according to their experiences.

  • Bad childhood experiences like ignorance from parents, unequal treatment by parents because of siblings, physical or sexual abuse.
  • Financial difficulties
  • Job Problems
  • Medical problems
  • A child may be weak in studies
  • Social isolation
  • Problems in relationships
  • Loss of loved ones from life
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • The side effect of a drug

There are no specific reasons for depression and so there is no specific treatment for the same. There are many counselors for depression help in hospitals these days that talk to depressed people and tell them the solutions to come out of depression. If you feel that you are surrounded by sadness and depression, do not hesitate to seek depression help from a good counselor.

Tips to Getting Rid of Depression

Tips to Get Rid of Depression

  • Exercising regularly, sleeping well, and eating healthy food can definitely bring changes in a person’s mood.
  • If you visit a doctor, he/she will prescribe medicines like SSRI, Symbyax, Abilify, and Seroquel when your condition becomes worse. Although medications give relief from depression, they are not advisable for long-term use.
  • Socializing is the key to keep you busy. When you interact with many people, you tend to share your happiness and sorrows, which can definitely uplift your mood. There are many depression support groups in society that help depressed people.

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Overeating is one of the symptoms of depression. If you want some great tips to stop your overeating habit, you can read our post about some useful tips to stop overeating.

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