Best Remedies for Cold Sores

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8 Responses

  1. John prit says:

    Before coming here i was not able to know the triggers of cold sores but i got to know this due to this blog. I have heard the use of aloevera but have never heard about petroleum jelly. Can you tell me some details of petroleum jelly?

  2. Alexandra luis says:

    Thanks for providing the remedies for cold sores. I was looking for this only.

  3. Albert Sherman says:

    Have you consulted any doctor to know about these remedies for cold sores?

  4. Emilija S. says:

    As you said cold sores happens due to HSV virus which remains in our body forever. When our immune system gets weak this virus gets activated in our body and due to which our body suffers from cold and fever. Is it possible to demolish HSV virus forever?

  5. Tony Lay says:

    Amazing to know that cold sores happens due to HSV virus. How this virus can be destroyed?

  6. Nick Pat says:

    The best way to get rid of cold sore is to take healthy food and always try to boost your immunity. Then also you feel like cold sore then follow these best remedies.

  7. Lucy Nice says:

    Why outbreak of cold sores always break around your mouth? Please provide some more details.

  8. Jospeh Mathew says:

    I was taking cold sores very lightly but after knowing all these facts i will follow the remedies given here.

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