Ketogenic Diet for Uncontrolled Epilepsy Treatment

Epilepsy is a very common condition today, especially among children. Despite the best efforts of doctors, many people are unable to cure their condition and have to live with the violent and frequent seizures that are characteristics in the condition. However, the Keto diet might hold the key to benefit such individuals.

Keto Diet for Uncontrolled Epilepsy Treatment

Understanding Epilepsy

Epilepsy is a neurological disorder where frequent electrical disturbances are caused in the brain. These disturbances often show themselves in the form of violent convulsions, also called epileptic seizures. Despite advanced medical treatments, almost one-third of the epilepsy patients fail to respond to medications.

What is a Ketogenic Diet?

The keto diet is a special diet that aims to replace carbs with fat as the primary energy source for the body. The carbohydrate intake in the diet is severely reduced while the fat intake is boosted. Through a process called ketosis, the fat cells lose water and enter the liver, where they are converted into packets of energy called ketones.

Different Phases of a Ketogenic Diet

The typical ketogenic diet works in the following 4 phases:

  1. Taking the complete medical history of the patient, while also recording some important parameters like urine analysis
  2. Removing all carbohydrate-rich food from the diet, including pulses, cereals, fruits, sweets, etc. This is replaced by high fat and high protein food items, without any restriction on the quantity. The idea is to make the body used to lack of carbs and abundance of alternative energy sources.
  3. Including specific Ketogenic recipes in the diet that are optimized to kickstart ketosis and formulated by health experts
  4. The last phase is just about regular follow-ups with the doctor to look for any tuning or improvement needed in the diet.

Benefits for Keto Diet on Epilepsy

The primary cause behind epilepsy is considered frequent convulsions. It has been observed that ketones, which act as the primary energy source in a Ketogenic diet, are anti-convulsing in nature. Thus, replacing sugars with ketones in the diet has a direct impact on a person suffering from epilepsy.

Another point worth noting is that a keto diet is generally favorable to intermittent fasting because fatty foods are more wholesome and don’t cause a craving for a longer period of time. Some studies have revealed that fasting reduces convulsions in the brain.

Even without the direct impacts on epilepsy, you can’t neglect the overall benefits of the Keto diet. On a Keto diet, people tend to have more energy while also witnessing weight loss. Other conditions like blood sugar and blood pressure levels are also controlled. Chances are that with the body getting healthier, it might start responding to the medications of epilepsy in a better way.


Keto diet doesn’t promise to solve all your health problems for you. However, what it does offer is a healthier way of life, and other benefits would naturally follow. Improvement in epilepsy is one of such cases, and there have been instances when the impact was clearly visible. Unlike medications, a Keto diet can cure your condition and improve your health simultaneously.

Atul Khosla

Atul Khosla

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